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A Complete Mystery

A Complete Mystery

I know you don't want to jump to conclusions historians, but really?

12th October 2016

Tagged in Viking

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1 year ago #9542819        



I'm training to be a skjoldmøy!

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1 year ago #9542655        



The woman in the second panel looks so done with the historians omg

1 year ago #9561915        



Mistake spotted:

Although it might be right that popular record about Vikings depiction came from an Arab traveler, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, who came to Varangians viking settlement in Volga.

I haven't found any record about shieldmaiden died in the battle against Arab.

Yet, there's record about it, (involving a maiden died in battle) in the siege of Dorostolon (971).

It's battle when Byzantine, launched a siege against Kievan Rus who employed the Varangians as mercenary, and of which recorded by a Byzantine historian.

" There are few historic attestations that Viking Age women took part in warfare, but the Byzantine historian John Skylitzes records that women fought in battle when Sviatoslav I of Kiev attacked the Byzantines in Bulgaria in 971."

"When the Varangians (not to be confused with the Byzantine Varangian Guard) had suffered a devastating defeat in the Siege of Dorostolon, the victors were stunned at discovering armed women among the fallen warriors
[Harrison, D. & Svensson, K. (2007). Vikingaliv. Fälth & Hässler, Värnamo. ISBN 978-91-27-35725-9. p. 71]

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1 year ago #9560131        



The rune stone and grave I can dismiss as Mythology and status symbols, but the Arabs? Really?


31 F
1 year ago #9550946        



Links to where we can see some of this stuff? I'd love to see the image of the woman warrior entering Valhalla.

1 year ago #9548715        



I am given to understand that part of it was the Vikings beat up the ancestors of the cultures of many of the researchers- in which, of course, the English etc. of *course* portrayed the Vikings as these ultra-masculine types because how else could they have done so well? ... and that's engrained in what's taught them and they stick with it to the point of absurdity.


18 O
1 year ago #9547973        



This made me think of the new Norwegian humor-series, Vikingane.

From 0.28 in the trailer, the vikings have returned from a viking raid. The ones who returned from the raid, tell the other viking, he should be proud of his wife (Frøya), who went all in the sack, and has raped lots of men.

1 year ago #9545071        



Goofballs. It's obvious.

1 year ago #9542755        



The Chinese had multiple records of women not only fighting in wars, but actually leading entire armies. While this wasn't always the norm in dynasties, no one really blinked an eye when it did happen.


23 M
1 year ago #9542608        



That does stand by far not for all historians.
I would say its more or less etablished that there were woman who fought in wars. That probably counts especially for cultures like the germanic or other "barbaric" ones. Question is how common and accepted it was.
With focus set on the middle east and europe I would say that woman were accepted as warriors in many "barbaric cultures" but most warriors were still male. As the greek and roman influence became stronger and stronger the female warriors disappeared. Monotheistic religions probably are also important in this devolpment.

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