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The Window

The Window

A creepy little story for the Halloween season.

13th October 2016

Tagged in Creepy

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26 M
3 years ago #9544653        



Gotta love it when ghosts wait their turn to sleep in your bed.

Fun ghost story that happened to me; I was sitting in the living room one day, home alone. As I was reaing, I heard a voice ask "Excuse me, where is your bathroom?" I pointed to the bathroom door, and I heard the door close. Thats when I realized that I was home, alone. I turned to watch the bathroom door, ad after hearing the toilet flush, the door opened. No one there. The voice goes "Thank you". I just simply nodded my head. Never heard him leave, nor heard from him since.

3 years ago #9542837        



I'm wondering why the girl on the bed is butt nekkid XD


25 F
3 years ago #9542836        



Plot twist!

It was your mother at that same age!
*insert spooky oOoOoOos*

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11 months ago #9769017        



I always have same feeling when doing business trip and had to stay in hotel rooms alone, like i'm not the only one in the rooms, onetime while i was focus working on my laptop then my heavy bag just fell off from the desk.. No wind and animals in the room that can move the bag... So i just turn on the tv when sleeping until wake up in the morning... Scary story..

2 years ago #9636508        



if that ever happened to me, i would scream. loudly. tell my family this house was haunted, and get the MOTHER F****** S**** HELL OUTA THERE O-O

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3 years ago #9545073        



Yup. Definately creepy.

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