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Cotton-Top Tamarin

Cotton-Top Tamarin

Lately people have been asking if there is any symbolism to the colors I give the characters in this series, but the answer is no. I simply color code them so people can quickly tell them apart and have started to use a wider range of colors for variety's sake because I got sick of pink and blue.

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9th April 2012
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10 years ago #9059670        

There's some nice ones you could still do. The German version also mentions a fish, that may even get pregnant after changing it's sex from female to male. Probably Loki is real, afterall :D
Weirdly the English article about the fish doesn't mention that fact:

11 years ago #8967976        



Definitely another interesting adaption. This is thought provoking and interesting, these drawings do make a fellow think, I salute you for your fine work.

12 years ago #8605632        



That just amazing!!! I never knew that! Female POWER!!

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