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Don't believe me? Look it up.

11th October 2011

29 days ago #9330626      

*chuckle* EXCELLENT!! Proof that God Doesn't care about Gender!!

7 months ago #9240504      

Pwahaha... awesome

1 year ago #9041268      

I'd thought that, on the question of god's sense of humor, there existance of the platypus was pretty definitive.

1 year ago #8997628      

And probably many of male dogs are bisexual. And probably most of big 'hetero' dogs is totally okay with smaller dog's doing something to their legs...
Oh and speaking of animals-perverted-things my cat is perverted. He always mutters more when he can get close to my aquarium and want everyone to pet him and all. And he always stands on my big-breasted friend breast.

1 year ago #8990548      

This actually happens to bulls too. When confined away from female cows, they turn queer in hurry.

1 year ago #8980227      

Sheep are awesome.


19 F
2 years ago #8937922      


But you aren't from New Zealand! :P

2 years ago #8863643      

Bahahahahahaha xD Love it!

2 years ago #8836690      

And they wonder why I love sheeps -shot-
no i really love them because they are fluffy and all... But this is another thing I love from them.

2 years ago #8577265      

LOOL! i love it :)

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