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Mother Gaia


Mother Gaia

A little something I made while at work.

I'm actually not much of an environmentalist, but I couldn't help myself when I got the idea after reading an article.

3rd May 2012

4 days ago #9330755      

This is perfect and explains everything. I love it!!

3 months ago #9294218      

YOU made this? I first saw this in my school. Now for a little detective work to see who else watches Humon comics.

5 months ago #9255391      

Aha, so this is where that comic is from! I saw it somewhere else and really liked it.


29 F
10 months ago #9151473      

Yeah.... pretty much.

12 months ago #9111921      

I remember seeing this at DA abit a year ago. It's always surprising when you find a random artist, start looking at their and notice something that you've seen earlier...

1 year ago #9094426      


1 year ago #9079084      

so true. we're screwing up.

1 year ago #9041311      


Also, how nature is enveloping and, um, absorbing the apologizing person.


19 O
1 year ago #9028771      

boom =u=

1 year ago #9008975      

the problem is that our brains adapt faster than any vertebrae's body can and we will fuck a lot of things up including ourselves and if we fuck ourselves up to much then the lack of humans will cause what we made to fuck almost EVERYTHING up but yet nature will not care for life will still exist and too many things die off to care

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