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She needs her sleep

She needs her sleep

This series of pictures is probably mainly going to be of them humiliating him in different ways. You've been warned.

Anyway, the Amazon does indeed have hairy legs. The whole cutting of the breast was also meant to symbolize that they didn't care about being feminine (As well as making it easier to use bow and arrow. Read the decription in the first picture if you haven't already, because I'm not going to answer questions about that again), which is also part of the reason why I give her short hair and unshaven legs.

8th June 2012
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9 years ago #9041324        



Meh, leg-shaving's a Twentieth Century invention anyway.

10 years ago #8594749        



totally hysterical and i agree with YokoGryword

10 years ago #8564277        



She's got to be hard to draw. I commend you. Half of her shirt goes over a round breast, but the other half goes over a flat chest so where the hell would the shading and folds go?? It's not like there are a lot of mono-breasted women pictures to reference either.

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