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Flaunt it if he got it

Flaunt it if he got it

More of these guys. I'm obsessed right now.

I love drawing barbarian women. They're made of sugar and spice and everything scary.

Also, the guys in the background are supposed to be dark elves, another race known for mistreating it's male population, so they probably know what the guy is going through. Though I have a feeling they're thinking "What did that idiot do to deserve that?" rather than "Poor guy".

9th June 2012
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8 years ago #9041327        



I like the shield-maiden's observation.

9 years ago #8594750        



even before i saw the next in this mini series i loved the dark elves; they looked like the stereotypical clean, sassy gay friends. and him being carried ass up is funny as hell too

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