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Mixed Fantasy

Mixed Fantasy

The two guys in the top left corner: Gods from a pantheon I've played around with. All the gods can change their bodies except the purple guy who can only change his hair and clothes, and as a result has become the most flamboyant to compensate. He is god of things that has to change to be constant, like the seasons, weather, aging, and even women's periods.
The other guy is the least colorful of the gods. He's god of all unpleasant things, like death, illness, torture, pain, sadness, and so on. He's not evil tough, just unfeeling, which is why he was tasked with these things.

Next to them is a monk and the demon who follows him around, usually disguised as another monk. I've been wanting to turn their story into a comic for ages, but I keep changing little things, so I'll probably never get done.

At the bottom is a troll and a huldrekarl from Scandinavian folklore. I just wanted to draw something that evening, and these two spontaneously ended up on the paper.

Random grumpy nisse is random.

6th August 2014

Tagged in Demon Monk Troll Huldra God

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3 years ago #9219168        



you should totally finish the proposed comic about the four-titted newhalf demon and the monk as this site has an unsettlingly high pegging to futanari ratio.

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2 years ago #9427416        



The troll looks like he slowly resigned that the huldra wasn't going to go away.

3 years ago #9219440        



The second god reminded me of Rasputin...I don't know why because his hair wasn't like that.

3 years ago #9219052        



I like the god designs! :yes:

3 years ago #9219028        



Dat schlong tho.

3 years ago #9218849        



he god of all things gloomy reminds me of Conchita Wurst...

3 years ago #9218721        



I'd love it if you did a fantasy comic.

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