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Loki and the Forgettables

Loki and the Forgettables

I deliberately didn't put their names anywhere so you can test yourself.

We often say the Marvel villains are forgettable, but it was only the other night when I was talking about Marvel movies with my housemates and we couldn't remember who the hell the villain even was of one of the movies that we realized how true it is.

(And of course I didn't draw every single villain because that would be a lot)

Marvel Loki
17th January 2016
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24 F
7 years ago #9446536        



Loki, Stane, Abomination (Blanksy?), Red Skull (Johan Scmit?), that AIM/Extrimis Jerk, that Elf Jerk, Pierce Jerksomething, Ronan, Ultron, that Yellow Jacket Jerk.

Loki and the Jerks.

7 years ago #9446499        



It helps that Ultron's name was also the movie title.

6 years ago #9671325        



But everyone remembers the naked Swedish guy.

6 years ago #9578538        



Ah man, they watered Stane down a lot for IM1. I understand why, you simply cannot write the shit that Obadiah Stane actually did in the comics into a movie and expect to make money on a family demographic (also it was in the context of Tony's alcoholism, as yet officially unaddressed in the MCU), but... my gods. Back when Tony's problems were with villains and drinking instead of everyone he loves, Obadiah Stane shoved him off the wagon and made him a hobo. Good times.

7 years ago #9489364        



Top row:

Second row:
James Lipton
G. I. Joe
Harry Potter
Chupa Chups Man
either Siegfried or Roy

Third Row:
Harry Potter from the Epilogue to the last movie
Hellraiser's goth daughter
Tin Man of Oz gets a facelift
Lex Luthor


20 F
7 years ago #9480988        



I think it'd be really cool if Humon did something with how Loki is supposed to be the god of Rap battles.

(Article for people who haven't heard.

7 years ago #9464880        



Obadiah Stane (aka Iron Monger) from Iron Man, Emile Blonsky (aka The Abomination) from The Incredible Hulk, Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2, Johann Schmidt (aka The Red Skull) from Captain America: The First Avenger, Aldrich Killian from Iron Man 3, Malekith the Accursed from Thor: The Dark World, Alexander Pierce from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy, Ultron from the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Darren Cross (aka Yellowjacket) from Ant-Man.

Not featured here are: Ivan Vanko (aka Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo) from Iron Man 2, The Winter Soldier from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Kurse from Thor: The Dark World, Laufey from Thor, Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy and Yokai from Big Hero 6.

From the Tv shows and Netflix shows we have: Wilson Fisk (aka The Kingpin) from Daredevil Season 1, John Garrett from Agents of S.H.I.E.l.D Season 1, Kilgrave from Jessica Jones Season 1, Doctor Fennhoff from Agent Carter Season 1,Mister Hyde from Agents of SHIELD Season 2.

7 years ago #9449058        



Loki (durr)
Stane from Iron Man 1
The general from Incredible Hulk whose name I forget
Absolutely no idea who or what movie but he looks like Stephen Merchant
Red Skull obviously
Probably the Mandarin (can't remember his real name... Something generic but suave)
No idea, looks like something out of Hellboy
Stephen Merchant's grumpy dad?
Uh... Thanos' kid... Or servant... One of the two. Weird alien name, bathed in black goo intended to be blood can remember basically everything but his name.
Ultron. Harder to identify without the face holes.
The guy from Antman. Fairly generic last name, very very hairless and very very angry all the time.

What's so weird is that in every case where I can recognize the movie, I can usually remember tons of little details about the villain (temperament, history, weird thing they did) but not their name.

7 years ago #9446749        



Dude I remember all of them .loki .obdia (probably spelled that wrong) form iron man one ,the solider that goes rouge red hulk,Hammerschimt from iron man 2,red skull,Mickey from iron man two ,Dark elves from thor 2,the old man from winter solider that thought he was a bad ass but lost it all,Lee as the pissed off space amish form (can you believe the fate of the galaxy depends on this guys danceing skills),and Mister 'No one wants to help me make super weapons'

7 years ago #9446537        



Loki, of course,
second row: second to the right, Red Skull
third row: the dark elf from Thor 3, middle, the villain from Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Ultron, and the villain from Ant Man. That's all I have, sorry.

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