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Loki and the Forgettables 27 1, 12:28pm

Loki (durr)
Stane from Iron Man 1
The general from Incredible Hulk whose name I forget
Absolutely no idea who or what movie but he looks like Stephen Merchant
Red Skull obviously
Probably the Mandarin (can't remember his real name... Something generic but suave)
No idea, looks like something out of Hellboy
Stephen Merchant's grumpy dad?
Uh... Thanos' kid... Or servant... One of the two. Weird alien name, bathed in black goo intended to be blood can remember basically everything but his name.
Ultron. Harder to identify without the face holes.
The guy from Antman. Fairly generic last name, very very hairless and very very angry all the time.

What's so weird is that in every case where I can recognize the movie, I can usually remember tons of little details about the villain (temperament, history, weird thing they did) but not their name.

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