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Lady Krampus

Lady Krampus

You might have heard of Krampus, a creature from the folklore of the Alpine countries who is said to visit naughty children during the Christmas season to punish them with a spanking. If they have been really naughty he takes them to his lair where he can get quite creative with his punishments before sending the children back home.

Krampus has a lesser known female counterpart, Lady Krampus, who takes it upon herself to punish naughty grown men. Pictures of her usually depicts her whipping/spanking one man while the other's wait for their turn, often with their hands together praying she won't go too hard on them. One picture even has the men line up, their rumps chained together, while she gives them a collective spanking.
Even Krampus himself is sometimes whipped by her.

She's no where near as old as Krampus, but she seem to be gaining popularity.

7th February 2014

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3 days ago #9391708        

Hmm...I am very interested...And very disturbed..

4 months ago #9340092        

huh the only krampus i know of in northen mythology was some half goat half man beast that liked to steal stuff for no reason exept for it being shiny XD.

its quite funny how you can find 2 different myth creatures with the same name.

1 year ago #9185754        

"behind every great man stands an even greater women"

1 year ago #9170762        

Referencing the Lives of Animals, perhaps Lady Krampus should more closely resemble a Spotted Hyena? { D


1 year ago #9112566        

Haha, LOVE it!!! xD

1 year ago #9095740        

[Citation Needed]

1 year ago #9084296        

Uh yeah someone already had my comment but here it is
They are rather similar (The redhead in the back to Hans) but it may just be the fact that he is DEFINATLY Deserving.

1 year ago #9083669        

So the only thing I have to say about this is Dat Ass. Also did Krampus and Lady Krampus ever had a child? And who punishes the naughty women? Oh god if they went to Thailand they would be widely confused I bet XD

1 year ago #9082784        

So it's kind of like Gryla from Icelandic folklore, she is the mother of the Yule lads and she steals all the naughty children and eats them though...


14 M
1 year ago #9082024        

I also never heard of her... and I am from an Alpine country...

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