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Ladies in Baggy Clothes

Ladies in Baggy Clothes

I started drawing the Heian woman, and suddenly I had drawn three little ladies in baggy clothes.

I got it into my head that they would be cool game characters.
To get to new levels you'd have to use their individual abilities. The Norse woman could break open things with an ax, the Heian woman could create things with her art, and the Maasai woman could jump extremely high.

Heian Maasai Norse
19th March 2015
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9 years ago #9427391        



I'd buy that game. That sounds like it would be fun

6 years ago #9734155        



perhaps there could also be stats like, the Masai Woman could be more 'durable' if you know what i mean, like, have the highest defense out of the three, with the Norse lady in second, and the Heian women with the least defense, but have the Heian Woman with the most health out of the three, and the Norse Woman with the highest attack out of the three, and Also perhaps the Masai or Heian woman could be the quickest, with the other the second fastest, and the Norse lady being the slowest (out of the three, that is. she could still be fast, just not as fast as the other two)

6 years ago #9767794        



I would buy that game

8 years ago #9492786        



That sounds like a very cool game that I would be interested in playing

9 years ago #9339490        



@TheBettyMonster Masai tribe is famous for being very good jumpers. They have a jump dance and if I'm not mistaken it is an important trait in their tribe because they depends on cattle and the ones who jump highest can spot lions from further away avoiding losing animals.

9 years ago #9338959        



Its cool how the Maasai would be able to jump high, I guess it would be because women in Africa are more athletic, then women from other cultures. And Heian woman makes alot of sense since it was encouraged for women to engage in more elegant forms of art such as music and singing during that time.

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