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Huldrekarl and Lantern Man

Huldrekarl and Lantern Man

Trying to get back into drawing after my operation, and what better way than pretty guys and folklore?

Dude is a huldrekarl (Before you ask where the hole in his back is, it's behind his shoulder), and the small guy is a lygtemand (lantern man), the Scandinavian version of the alluring lights in swamps. The huldrekarl doesn't have to worry about fire hazards because lantern men burn cold.

27th July 2013

Tagged in Huldrekarl

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4 years ago #8915751        



He's lovely and I love the lantern man's design :)

4 years ago #8913201        



I love the Scandinavian myth and lore, my world mythology class only covered the pantheons of each society. Oden is so well know that it made the class dull, now lantern men that's different and new. In Alaska we also have a version of the lights in the fog, glowing caribou ghosts that lead hunters of the tundra and into the swamps or onto thin ice. They're supposed to punish bad men who disrespect animals. In Scotland they're called will-o-wisps right? (input on the subject welcome) They lead men off the road and get them lost. A cultural similarity like this shows that we truly are all connected. Hope you feel better soon Humon! <3

4 years ago #8912622        



I love your fantasy comics. I hope you're healing well and feeling better soon <3

4 years ago #8912522        



I wish you all the best with your recovery.

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