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Bath time


Bath time

They decided to stay long enough to eat her food and use her bathhouse. :D

Also have to remind people that these dark elves are not Drows. In my little fantasy universe, unless they're actual warriors, they're not much good in a fight. They're more like social butterflies who has power thanks to money and status, so the amazon and shieldmaiden don't have to worry about being unarmed. The dark elf lady would hardy be able to lift up their weapons, let alone know how to use them.

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3rd December 2012


16 F
12 months ago #9117328      

please make more of these series

1 year ago #9009121      

i find it hard to believe that the amazon's sex slave is able to maintain that moustache in such a perfect way, you'd think he's have better things to do with his time than make him self look as weak and as douche as possible

2 years ago #8843607      

You should do more of these :)

2 years ago #8775788      

(madly blushing) so glad this is back

2 years ago #8631179      

nicely put Nichy i was thinking the same! love these guys as always

2 years ago #8604779      

I really enjoy this series, it's really interesting discovering new customs and worlds! And I like how you drew the guy's face, kinda cute how the amazon washes him x)

2 years ago #8600511      

Omg, I was just just playing with (A website that guesses what person you are thinking of based on some questions) and I decided to think of Humon. That bastard got you in 23 questions! :D


18 F
2 years ago #8599904      

SQUEEE! Seriously, Humon, thank you for bringing back this series. HILARIOUS STUFF!


19 F
2 years ago #8599673      

It's so ironic how the Amazon and the shieldmaiden form such a tomboy-and-girly-girl couple, while the Amazon seems so much more concerned about her being superior to men than the shieldmaiden. xD


23 F

Online Now
2 years ago #8599571      

rub a dub dub in the tub

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