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About the picture: This also goes for bees and wasps, but ants were my animal of choice for this picture.

22nd October 2012

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3 months ago #9358944        

Who's your Daddy?

8 months ago #9277044        

One could think of the ants as being hermaphrodite; the "males" being a reproductive organ, and "their" sperm being the Queen's.

1 year ago #9108759        

This applies to honey bees as well. Nonfertilized eggs will develop into males. Since male bees (drones) are larger than their worker sisters, the queen will select larger cells in the honeycomb for laying nonfertilized eggs.

Bee keepers can prevent her from creating very many drones (since male bees are useless except as concubines) by using a small-cell honeycomb foundation in the frames of the hive to ensure they are far too small to support a developing drone cell.

1 year ago #9094071        

So how old are you babe ;)


2 years ago #9071898        

I wonder if they'll make more animals lives books


19 O
2 years ago #9028812        

I feel sad for the little guy... but still cute =u=

3 years ago #8565471        

lol, the little male ant is very confused...

3 years ago #8564426        

Also alot of animals are hermafrodites - Some can literally split down the middle and become two identical individuals, others can regenerate most of their body if they are split in half- or even more pieces because they have stemcells spread around on their body. Another version can create whole colonies of individuals that are linked (similar to splitting into 2, however they stay connected). Others can have sex with themselves, if no compatible mate is around.

3 years ago #8559808        

applesdontpee, There are many different methods used for sex determination. X/Y is just one. Some animals don't use genes at all. Humans (like many animals) use genes and chemicals (with interesting results when the two don't agree. Hormones tend to win)

Ants use Haplodiploidy


21 F
3 years ago #8559262        


Not all animals have gender based on the x and y chromosome system humans have. This is due to divergent evolution. Many animals by default have female offspring and it's the presence of something that causes male. For example many amphibians and reptiles have gender based on temperature. If the eggs reach a certain temperature in the nest then they become male, otherwise they are female. In hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants, etc), though, the default is male and fertilization leads to females. Females have 2 different chromosomes while males have only 1 single chromosome. Birds have an entirely different system too. :)

Sorry for the long post, I'm a genetics student and that caught my eye!

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