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This is far from a direct translation of Lokasenna. I read a bunch of different translations and used the main insults and points.

Lokasenna is the story where Loki gets angry at the other gods because they kicked him out of a party “just” because he killed a slave. He starts throwing shit in everyone’s direction and ends up angering the other gods so much they turn one of his sons into a wolf who den kill his other son, and they use said son’s intestines to tie Loki up with and place a poisonous snake over his head. It’s a fun story because all the dirt about the gods come out.

I’m one of the people who definitely believe Loki got a bad rep when Christianity took over in the North, but the new version of him is definitely the worst. Sure the god’s always blame him for everything, but that’s because he actually does cause a shit ton of trouble, like randomly cut Sif’s hair off or promise a jotun that Freya will marry him without asking her.

In the original text there’s a goddess by the name Gefjun who doesn’t appear anywhere else in Norse mythology, but the way Odin talks about her makes it seem like Gefjun is another name for Frigg, so I gave Gefjun’s lines to her.

I added the part about Freyr protecting “half-men” because one texts suggest Freyr was worshipped by effeminate and/or gay men (often translated to “half-men”) who danced and rang bells in his honor.

16th October 2017

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The interesting thing about Loki, that so few people seem to get, is that while he causes mischief, at the end of the mischief the Aesir are in a better situation than before. The only real exceptions are the Lokasenna and Ragnarok, which seem to come about more because of prophecy than anything else. Even the slaying of Baldur has the the effect of Baldur not being killed at Ragnarok, and in fact coming back to life after.

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