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Elle and Thor

Elle and Thor

In Scandinavian mythology there's only one person who can beat the god Thor in a wrestling match: the elderly woman Elle.

When Thor was asked to wrestle her he laughed, thinking it would be the easiest win of his life, but he had to admit defeat within minutes because Elle is no ordinary old lady. She is the personification of aging itself, and nothing can beat age.

She is the symbol of aging and badass grandmas.

Thor Elle
13th June 2018
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48 M
6 years ago #9772999        



I would pay to see this in the MCU, just as an end credits scene. Imagine Chris Hemsworth being turned into a pretzel by Maggie Smith.

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What happened to Humon? Where is she now?

1 year ago #9878409        



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3 years ago #9854193        



I love the story of Thor, Thjalfi and Loki visiting the Giants - the gods spending the night in a shelter that turns out to be a stray glove, the rigged contests, &c. No surprise, then, that it's been adapted so many times (as a Harold Shea story in "Unknown Worlds", as a chapter in one of the D'Aulaire books, &c.

4 years ago #9834630        



woah those arms

4 years ago #9831809        



Speaking of buff grandma


26 M
5 years ago #9819335        



I miss the updates on this site. I wonder if any will ever come after this.

anyways, this is a good and interesting installment. Learning about Scandinavian mythology is cool


66 M
5 years ago #9819074        



I hear they are making a movie with a female Thor. Elle is a perfectly good female character fully developed in the pantheon of Nordic Gods. I would pay to see an intelligent woman (ala Agatha Christie's Miss Marple) who could kick ass only when the occasion arises. Movie producers are lazy.

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