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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Let me spread the Christmas joy. :D

The fellow on the right is of course a nisse/tomte which is a mix between a gnome and an elf from the Northern parts of Europe, often associated with Christmas.
The fellow on the left is what the creatures looked like in the very first pictures made of them. Bigger, more animalistic, and having a massive boner.
Can't you just feel the holiday spirit? :XD:

Tomte Nisse
24th December 2011
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7 years ago #9640304        



Probably has something to do with fertility


15 M
11 years ago #8694758        



This make me think of "Trolltyg i Tomteskogen" where the evil trolls are making tomtarnas life hard. In the movie there is a little troll-kid named Fjant who always have a boner.[1].jpg


21 F
12 years ago #8559756        



i can feel the holiday spirit, but not as much as the poor fellow in the red cap is gonna feel it from that nisse/tomte. hey dude in red cap: dont bend over for the soapXP

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