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Bus Ride

Bus Ride

Sorry for spamming you with these fake screenshots, but I've been amazingly bored but didn't feel like making comics so I made a few of these, and really liked this one.
I promise I'll have a comic up today or tomorrow. ^^;

These guys are actually a pair of characters I've been doodling for years on random things. First time I've ever made anything semi serious with them.

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29th May 2011
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29 F
10 years ago #9148029        



neat ideas

12 years ago #8507230        



Aww, I love this!! It's so cuttteeeee

12 years ago #8494216        



The white character is actually just like a monster I have been drawing for a few years. I love him and I'm undecided as to whether he is straight or gay. His name is Maxille and I often draw wearing feminine clothing with his friend/boyfriend? Jack, who lovingly calls him Max. This picture made my day.

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