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There's no story behind this. I just started drawing not knowing how it was going to end, and ended up with this.

I like to think it's some sort of science fiction magic world, and that the guy in pink is the "princess" of the story, but that's all I've got.

27th June 2015

Tagged in Men

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3 years ago #9392264        



@Humon The 'Princess' has really kind eyes (I'm not sure how I figure that, but I feel that he does)....

Also, I just wanted to mention (again, I think) how happy I am that you take the time to make your characters diverse, and that you use a wide variety of skin tones and hair tones, eye colours, heights, weights, bust sizes, stances, facial features and musculatures. On top of that you create characters that seem to have a background to them, their own story and likes, even when it's simply a stand alone image like this one, and those stories aren't one dimensional either, or used to make a point, but genuine and real. Apart from the amazing stories you tell it's my favourite thing about your art, especially as you do it for literally everything I think. (Sorry, I get gushy about your art and stuff).

2 years ago #9503865        



I'm just confused. o.O

2 years ago #9480138        



That's the prettiest princess in the history of Sci-fi, for sure.


27 F
3 years ago #9375237        



@DouglasFur7 or extremely uncomfortable clothes that you have to rearrange every 5 seconds XD

3 years ago #9374825        



Men's attires look awfully uncomfortable; specially the "Princess'".

3 years ago #9374762        



Nothing says sci-fi like barely any clothes!

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