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Odd House

I’m not entirely sure if this story has a supernatural element to it or not. Are they just run of the mill cannibals or vampires/demons? Occultists? Maybe only Adam? So many possibilities.

I also struggled a lot with Adam’s looks. I wanted him to look like an honest to god nice, charming guy who also looked super creepy in the right (wrong?) light.

There was supposed to be a whole backstory about Mrs. Poppel’s husband and when Adam came into her life, but I decided to leave it out as it was already pretty text heavy.

22nd January 2018

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9 hours ago #9724518        



A fun little tale from start to finish. Your writing is always great at drawing the reader in. If you ever feel like expanding on that backstory you mentioned involving Mrs. Poppel's husband and Adam's origin, I'd love to see it in a prequel.

11 hours ago #9724505        



Did you come up with this story? It should be expanded into a novel!


40 F
11 hours ago #9724502        



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A well written story which probably should not have been read at 1 am.

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