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Little Princess

Little Princess

A cute true story from the small town I used to live in.

23rd August 2014

Tagged in Boy

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247 F
3 years ago #9330968        



His parents were very nice to let him wear a dress and it was also very nice the jury only judged dresses and not who wears those dresses.
At least it ended very well, it could have been differently.

3 years ago #9300317        



When my son was 2, he got into the laundry basket and a pulled on a Hello Kitty tank top of mine, and ran outside and played his with toy cars in front of our apartment. One of my neighbors ranted and raved for a minute about "how dare I put that on him!" and how I was going to "turn him gay!". I pointed out that if putting a dress on would make him gay, my dad would have turned gay when he lost that bet 20 years ago and had to wear a dress and high heels.

Not that it would matter one bit if my son was gay or not, but still, getting bent out of shape over a little boy in a shirt is ridiculous.

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15 F
1 year ago #9626795        



In kindergarten, my little brother wanted to be a princess and it was my wish to go as a Native American.
So he got my princess dress I didn't like anyways and I turned one of his old shirts into one that Winnetou would've been proud of.


19 F
1 year ago #9569322        



I have a friend who allegedly owned one or two princess dresses as a child. He'd put it on his wish list for Christmas and it was a very easy to fulfill wish, so he got it. He did indeed play with it, but turned out to be a crazy and overly manly guy later on :P The funny and kind version of crazy, that is, but overly manly and crazy all the same.

2 years ago #9442288        



Why was he nice? You didn't explain.

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2 years ago #9442006        



This. Is. Beautiful.
Thank You so much, it brought a little mist to my eyes.

3 years ago #9427414        



I like this story. This is cool. I wish more people were like his parents and teachers

3 years ago #9294676        



I just sent this to my friend, her son wore a dress to his school Christmas concert and no one said a thing. Guess my part of Canada is becoming more accepting that in the past.


44 M
4 years ago #9260661        



It's nice to know there are places that stories like this can come from. If a young boy had done that where and when I grew up, he would have risked a beating from his classmates (even in kindergarten) and would have been mercilessly teased about it for years if he wasn't forced to change schools.

4 years ago #9258885        



No possible way mate! This depends on culture, if I had let my boy go to his school concert as Dorothy as he wanted (age 5) all the kids would have berated him and the next 12 years of school would have been unbearable! Instead he went as tin man and he classmates all accepted him, knew that he was a little different but loved him anyway.

My boy has grown into a gentle, confident young man. I'm pleased I didn't let him make a fool of himself when he was a little child.

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