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Gods in Love 25 8, 5:48am

For all ye poor souls who haven't read Valhalla:
This particular story is a retelling of Balder's death. Loke is summoned by his daughter Hel, and it's set up that her realm reflects her state of mind. Later, Balder tells Loke that he wants a girl who's laughter turns the world green around him, and lets the dead dance on their graves.
Later, the Æsir are having fun throwing their weapons at Balder, and Loke convinces Balder's brother, the blind Hod, to throw a mistletoe at him.
Now, in this story, Loke didn't actually know about Balder's one weakness. He had told Hod that it was the only thing that could harm him, and plays to Hod's insecurities, planning to embarrass him. Of course, it works far better than expected, and Balder dies. Hel won't relinquish the as unless all who lives weep for him. Everything weeps, except for Loke (not out of ill will, he just can't). Meanwhile, Hel tells Balder about how she wishes she could be with the gods in Valhalla. Balder, attempting to cheer her up, makes a fool of himself imitating a drunken fight in Valhalla, making her laugh, and you can guess what happens then.

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