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Mad Man 15 2, 9:29am

An idea i sorta came up with though is that perhaps Waller falls in love with a lady (ima just call her Mildred. can change it later), and they eventually get married, and she moves into his house. She acts all nice and what not to Cailean around Waller, but when hes not around, she acts rather rude, mean, and downright disgusted by Cailean. But Cailean doesn't have the heart to tell Waller (who seems to have been "blinded by love" and thinks that the rude stuff she does & says might be something, or to someone, else) how much of a bitch Mildred really is. Cailean also notices that she's a bit rude to Waller himself, who as mentioned before, is "love blind" and eventually, he (Caileen) over hears her talking to one of her friends, (via an old phone, or just talking with her) and learns that she never even liked Waller, and only wanted the money (whether she finds out Waller wasn't actually that rich, or that he is indeed rich, is up to you) and plans on "disposing" him and "his little butler" very soon. This makes Cailean decide he should finally tell Waller the truth, but Waller refuses to believe that, and says that Cailean is "just jealous" Cailean tries to tell him again, but Waller (who hasnt gotten much sleep in the past few days due to projects hes been working on and his nagging wife) gets quite mad and says once more hes jealous, and an eavesdropper, as well as a few other things, and they eventually start arguing (Mildred might join their argument later) until Waller snaps, and says something like: "PERHAPS I SHOULD OF JUST LET YOU DIE, YOU UGLY BEAST", only to instantly regret it, but the damage has been done. Cailean, now greatly offended says some thing maybe like: "FINE THEN, IF I ANNOY YOU SO MUCH THEN I'LL LEAVE" and does so. A few days later, Waller gets depressed, because of his sleep deprivation, but mainly because he really misses, & feels really guilty about what he said to Caileen, who is living on the streets since no else would hire him, and misses Waller as well, regretting what he had said to him. (thus making Cailean depressed as well) Mildred obviously doesn't care about any of this, and is actually quite pleased since it'd make getting rid of Waller much easier. then later, (as in maybe a week or so later) she's about to leave the house to visit one of her friends when her husband asks her that if she sees Cailean, "tell him that i'm sorry. and please tell me what he said" A bit annoyed by this, shes about to tell him "AUGH! Must I do all the work around here?" but stops, and realizes she could say some thing else instead, and agrees. But when she does find him, their talk goes some thing like
Mildred: "Waller wanted me to tell you that hes glad you left, and that he's never been happier, or gotten more work done since he hired you!"
Cailean: "w- what?!"
M:"You heared me! or did those burns make you hard of hearing?"
C: B- But" *speechless*
M: "hmm it seemed to have affected your speech too!"
M: *tauntingly* okay then"
M: *still tauntingly* "ooookaaay theeen"
and when she gets back home, she acts really sad and distraught and tells Waller what Cailean had said, but more dramiticly, even adding in a few "other" words (such as asshole and fuck) and ended it saying that he told her "to fuck off, and die, you bitch!" and then proceeded to look distraught some more. This left Waller speechless, and shocked, then angry "W- B- A- AUGH! I'm going to my room to sleep!" (this would annoy Mildred a bit since he 'didn't try to comfort her' but she decided to "let it go this time") Eventually Cailean decided to try and apologize, not only because he was starving and rather cold, but mainly because he really was sorry, and missed Waller. On the same night, Mildred decided it was the perfect night to kill Waller. what happens next is mainly up to you. also please note that you can change and add a bit, and that this is merely like, the backbone of the story, but with more detail at the end since i kinda got a bit carried away. Thus meaning you can add a lot of stuff between whats happening here, and heck, you can even make this happen in like, the time span of two weeks, to like, 3 years for all i care x> or perhaps Cailean could fall in love with a girl, resulting in a simular result, or vice versa (Handsome_monster has a similar idea) and/ or Waller could of created a serum thing or what ever that could rid of Cailean's burn scars, and is torn between the idea of ahving the ability to have a normal, social life like before but possibly leave Waller, or stay as he is and stay with Waller, but be mocked by people for his hair and/ or postures and/ or burn marks. This could also be added in the previous idea(s) which could add a bit of drama, or some thing. All though these ideas could be too "Hollywood", and i don't even know if you even read the comments x> but ya :> thats my idea(s)

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