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Mad Man 15 12, 4:19am

There's your monster story. Cailean is very - VERY - protective of Dr. Waller, much more so than Waller is aware. Waller's zeal, eccentricities, and open disdain of other "authorities" in his field has made him the target of professional scorn. Perhaps it started with Cailean discovering a plot by a rival to sabotage one of Waller's projects. Cailean is a strong and hearty man, having grown up working in the factories moving heavy boxes and barrels. He manages to remove the threat (by destroying the rival's lab? by killing the rival?), and his crime is never traced back to him. From this early success, he takes it upon himself to protect Waller from anything that he perceives as a threat to his employer. And as that perception of threat gets more and more sensitive, his obsession grows to the point of paranoia; and his ways of neutralizing those perceived threats get more and more savage. All of his criminal activity splashes excitedly across the tabloid papers, but Cailean carefully keeps Waller unaware of everything he has done "for him". Until the story needs to resolve, of course.

A little bit Frankenstein, a little bit Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a little bit Pygmalion, and lots of hubris.

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