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Hard of Hearing 29 11, 3:02pm

My right ear has some of the second type of hearing loss, which is often a challenge, but I've become pretty good at adding a bit of lip reading and can manage in most situations. Oddly enough when it's super quiet in the house and I can hear the radio/tv playing very quietly my brain goes into overdrive trying to amplify the words and I Can't. Fall. Asleep.

My left ear has permanent nerve damage from when I had meningitis, it can only hear vowels. When I hold the phone up to that ear all I hear is woh waah wo wah, like the teacher on the Peanuts cartoon. One audiologist (I've seen several) described me as being legally deaf in that ear.

Both ears react to loud sounds with extreme pain. Parties are a special hell once everyone gets some liquor in them and try to talk (not yell) above the music. Not only is that enough volume to induce a migraine (my ears are pussies) but I have lost all hope of understanding what the frick anyone's talking about.

Earplugs are my friends, they cut the volume and background noise. If I know it's going to be loud I will bring some, but I have been caught unaware and been forced to harvest cotton from a tampon. And no I did not have strings dangling from my ears, I was more discrete ;P


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