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Hard of Hearing 28 11, 1:13am

I'll throw my 3 cents to "when you're speaking to". Not exactly about hearing problem but concentration. If you want to talk to someone with ADD/ADHD they're busy at the moment with anything at hand (conversation, activity, whatever), make sure they actually pay attention to you before you start talking. And I mean MAKE SURE of it. Wait a moment before actually talking to be certain the attention is actually fixed on you, if you're on good terms with the other person, maybe you can touch their shoulder. Just do something to be sure. Because we can tell you "yeah, go on.." without registering you or what we just said at all. It's a hyperfocus state when a brain is so fixed on one thing, that all the others go by practically unnoticed. You can tell me the thing that is very important to you, and go on with your life, and I'll be a blank state like nothing ever happened. Being angry at me afterwards won't change things for the next time. So please understand, and just make sure the other person is really listening to you :)


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