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Silent Hill 3 2, 5:59am

I actually once had an idea of that, a woman who lost her child, during the operation she loses her ability to reproduce as well, which depressed her to such an extent that her husband could not tolerate her any longer, this in a sense that the woman just lost her mind and would just distance herself from him despite his efforts to comfort her.

In her personified guilt, the female monster is a towering woman with a horned helmet (horns are of metal, pulling away and then into the inside to represent the fallopian tubes and the helmet as the uterus), she has her belly and womb open and bloody, leaving a trail where she passes. She not so much attacks, but frustratingly tries to push the beings it finds inside its womb, with razor Sharp claws, in hopes of being able to conceive again.

Also, there is no hate of women in Silent Hill, I'm assuming you mean from Silent Hill 2, but in that game the women are represented as sexual frustrations of the main character, while Pyramid Head is his guilt. But that's way more complex then i make it out to be.

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