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Evil Housemates 18 1, 6:57pm

TL;DR of the comments section: Women all over have no idea that being nice to people is "flirting" in a sexual sense. And it's our fault that the poor mens are not taught anything about platonic friendships.

I'm so completely oblivious to others flirting that I had to be dragged off and told bluntly that my now-husband was into me (I had an idea, but convinced myself that I was just being arrogant). I've been close friends with lots of males who have either seen or wanted more, and who dropped off the face of the earth once it was clear it wouldn't happen -- even when I was with someone else.

The best fun of all? One of my closest male friends in the first year of college is gay. We were joined at the hip because we were the same weird, goofy, DGAF person in different bodies and therefore completely comfortable around eachother. And of course my mother, our head lecturer, and several other people automatically assumed that we were an item......


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