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Silent Hill 10 1, 8:04am

I can agree that every game after the first one was fairly sexual, though it should be noted that in the second game it is wholly intentional and relates to that specific main character's psychological issues. It is the plot of that game and I can respect that if it happened just once. As mentioned by others though, it did go rapidly downhill from there, with each game having higher degrees of sexuality for no reason whatsoever until they just tacked "sexual frustration" on every. single. protagonist, just to get away with it. "He sees the 'sexy' nurses from the last game too? Why?" "Sexual frustration" "'Beast with two backs' monster? Pardon?" "Sexual. Frustration" It's gotten out of hand and I think it's what really killed the franchise and beat it further to death after. They really should have more female protags and less "ooh it's scary because tits but no face and like blood and stuff". What are you, Konami, brother Sweden? The male protagonists lack personality as well, but it may be intentional for the player to immerse themselves more into it. Hard to immerse yourself though when they put more effort into boob jiggle physics(unrealistic one at that) than creativity.

On the other hand, the series has inspired people(Whether from anger/disappointment at the series' direction or genuine enjoyment of the series/it's ideas), like you, Humon, to make their own monsters and tortured souls in more interesting and unique ways than just "Sexual jaded man loses someone he cares about(maybe) and is guilty I guess". One of my favorites is this one( which is about a woman who feels immense guilt at having worked for a PETA-esque company and enters a Silent Hill filled with distorted versions of animals she may have been involved with or seen in that job.

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