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Silent Hill 9 1, 8:54am

Pyramid-head is a representation of guilt and destructive feelings towards the player. That is why he constantly attempts to kill the main protagonist and yet appears to help you progress in places- he both wants to kill them as well as make them face reality.
Pyramid-head attacks other monsters because, as his role of guilt, he tries to repress the other monsters that all represent memories or feelings that the player wants suppressed.
While I share your hatred of the sexy nurses being overused... they aren't a sign of hatred toward females but a representation of repressed libido and sexual thought. The series is a great fan of body horror to try and convey a type of gross fascination of the deepest most innermost horrors of the main characters, they continued on in later games and marketing material because marketing execs do not understand their representation.
If there was to be a female pyramid-head she most certainly would NOT be a guide, but a terrible malevolent force desperately trying to kill the main character. Every single creature in silent hill despises the player- because they are the feelings the player character either represses or feel are eating them alive from the inside.
While the character concept is interesting she is lacking the helmet- which is a personal design choice yes, but is poignant for the character of 'guilt' because the inside of it is lined with spikes like an iron maiden, it also obscures vision and makes them walk as if it is a burden. The helmet is a punishment on the character. I feel this is true of all the creatures in silent hill, where a majority, if not all of them do not generally 'stalk' you because their own lives of torment, manifested by the player, are simply too much to bear. The gigantic weapon is also a type of tether, a huge weight he drags along behind him, but he cannot discard because he requires it.
If the female monster was not given restraint and still followed the art style of the games, it would symbolize that your main character feels absolutely no remorse about her feelings and genuinely wishes to mutilate and kill all males, even her son, without apology.

That deconstruction aside however I do like her overall monster's look.

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