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Silent Hill 9 1, 4:45am

Only the second game has sexualization or hatred of women as a significant component, and it feels like you're generalizing that to represent most of the series. Also, Pyramid Head doesn't act like a guide - he tries to kill James whenever they meet. This is true of almost every monster in every game. The closest thing to a "guide" is Valtiel from SH3, who kind of helps Heather (but not really).

Having a Pyramid Head stand-in who actively helps the player would go against the omnipresent malice of the otherworld as seen in every other game. It would undercut a lot of the horror if one of the biggest, scariest monsters was your buddy. Also the "mutilates monster crotch" part is a bit on the nose, and could maybe use a bit more abstract symbolism, even it were just as gory.

That said, I would love to play a new SH game with the character described here. Looks like it would have lots of great opportunities.

Also, brief summaries of the game topics for anyone curious about the themes outside of "geometry faced bloke rapes busty nurse monsters":

SH1 - Car crash, daughter missing, go find her. Mostly just a horror story about cult stuff.
SH2 - The misogyny one. Also deals with self-loathing, misdirected anger, and unwanted sexual urges. Main character isn't supposed to be likeable.
SH3 - Coming of age story for the 17yo female protagonist, but with monsters. Has sexual themes, among lots of other elements, but nothing like in SH2. Possibly the best of the series.
SH4 - Focus on entrapment, escape, childhood, and rebirth. Also ghosts and serial killing.

Other developers made the rest, and they are a bit thematically messier. Often include "cool stuff" from previous games that doesn't make sense with the new stories, like any appearance of pyramid head or the nurse monsters.

Origins - Didn't play this one, haven't heard good things about it. Seems to be about childhood abuse and neglect?
Homecoming - Mostly about ancestral/cultural obligations and familial betrayal. Also in this one you're a supersoldier for some reason so it's never scary.
Shattered Memories - AU remake of SH1, told as a series of flashbacks. Big surprise, it's mostly about memory.
Downpour - Story about loss of a child, revenge, depression, and criminal justice.

Book of Memories - "Dungeon-crawling and cooperative multiplayer action". Not a real SH game.

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