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The wonderful world of PCOS 11 2, 12:59am

@JoeBo Actually, your first two sentences in your original comment sounded neither clinical nor scientific. "It's really irresponsible of you to spread misinformation about PCOS, metformin, and medical science. You should really educate yourself more on your disorder as well."

These sentences, since you put them first, came across as completely judgmental and opinionated, leaving most readers with the first impression of you being someone who simply Googled PCOS and then spewed a bunch of medical speak from the Web without necessarily understanding all of what you said. Had you put those sentences at the end (or, even better, left them out completely until later in the threads), you would not have received as negative of a reaction.

Additionally, you later said, "Humon is spreading disinformation about a disorder under the claim to be ranting that others don't understand things. Ignorance posing as knowledge from an influential artist is dangerous to the health of others." Your use of the word "claim" further shadows your credibility because the word contains the connotation of "ulterior motive." Basically, in the average reader's eyes you just accused Humon of trying to deceive people (an impression strengthened by your use of the word "disinformation"). Not a good direction to take if you're trying to stay "scientific and clinical" the way you claimed.

I get that you are concerned about misinformation about PCOS. I get that you have worked in the field for some time now. I get that you know what you're talking about. That still doesn't excuse you from the need to make sure you're actually communicating in a polite, welcoming tone. It is possible to be clinical and scientific without sounding like a jerk. I should know--I have had to learn the proper balance between being accurate and being tactful. Which is why I immediately recognized that, in this case at least, @PCOSlife is completely right in that you have ruined your credibility in the eyes of the average reader.

Telling someone that they "need to educate themselves on their disorders" when they've been dealing with the disorders for some time (and therefore have probably done a good bit of at least entry-level research) is EXTREMELY rude. In addition, as someone who's spent a large amount of time researching and studying PCOS at a professional medical level, you have learned what sources are and are not accurate, a PoV which the average PCOS sufferer may not have been able to develop, especially if the PCOS patient's medical advisors are the ones who laid the foundation of the PCOS patient's understanding of PCOS. Your attitude towards Humon and your refusal to balance accuracy and conversationality is making it hard for most readers to take you seriously, which means that you essentially wasted the time it took you write your comments. Your comments don't come across as "good advice on healthy lifestyles." They come across as fault-finding and rude.

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