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The wonderful world of PCOS 20 12, 3:06am


> When I first read your post I had a automatic reaction of "How rude" and "Wow he is full of himself" that made me totally discredit any thing you had to say.

Sounds like you are projecting.

> I Even copied your posts over to the tone analyzer myself but I could not link back to the results directly for you.

Fantastic. I'm quite sure automated algorithms are anything but full proof and largely tested on biased samples of the populace.

> The first post itself had a 92% anger rating. The way you write and present the information on the internet is more important then the information itself. you come off hostile

My language is entirely clinical and scientific. This is not hostile, but it is also not conversational.

> no one will do anything but argue and ignore you.

Feel free, it's no skin off my back. Ignore good advice about healthy lifestyles at your own peril. It won't effect me.

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