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The wonderful world of PCOS 17 12, 11:10pm

@PCOSlife It's rather ironic, I've been sharing information by citing sources and being respectful, and yet you, who has resorted in your first post to calling me a twat, are claiming I'm the one lacking ability in civil discourse?

> It could be that this is how the disorder was explained to Humon

No doctor would ever claim chicken has sugars in it, because it is simply not true.

> It is exactly how it was explained to me; by the doctor that diagnosed me who is cross trained in endocrinology.

Then I suggest you find a new doctor.

> That because my insulin levels were so chronically high my liver was constantly converting my blood sugar

Insulin has an antagonistic effect on glycogenesis (the conversion of blood glucose into glycogen), and while lipogenesis is insulin mediated, if you have PCOS your liver actually slows at lipogenesis due to insulin sensitivity problems caused by the hormonal imbalance.

In both cases metformin does nothing about lipogenesis or glycogenesis. It only inhibits glyconeogenesis.

> Now unless you are a doctor of endocrinology with 15 years of medical school you may not correct that statement.

Anyone can correct that statement, because it is wrong. Again, I'm not going to flash around credentials on the internet. You have no way to confirm or deny them, but I've provided detailed information on the process, and mechanisms involved. You can easily confirm this on your own, and infer my credentials as a result.

I care deeply about PCOS and metabolic disorders for a reason, however, because this is the area in which I work. But again, don't believe me because I claim to have experience and qualifications. Believe me because you have done your own research and confirmed what I've said.

Metformin's mechanism is the suppression of hepatic gluconeogenesis, and the broad improvement of insulin sensitivity in GLUT3 channels, which would PROMOTE lipogenesis.

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