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The wonderful world of PCOS 8 12, 7:44am

@JoeBo Ok a couple of things:
1. Thank you for linking these articles. Without a strong background in physiology I wouldn't know how to look for the information
2. I realize this is extremely nitpicky, but only one of the articles you linked was to a specific study, and the others are not "direct evidence". Obviously if they're reputable reviews they would have read the original articles and cited them, and I am sure a lot of the original articles are inaccessible to the public without paying a fee, so these reviews should be fine. It just bugs me a bit that you cited them as direct evidence when they aren't.
3. I found the full version of the first link you posted (in PDF form) in case you haven't read it yet and you're interested in reading it:
The authors do say that most of the studies they reviewed had moderate to high bias, with specific problems of conflicting results for some studies and sample size for others, and specifically say in their conclusion that they could not make recommendations regarding specific diet composition, though they do mention reducing caloric intake and urging healthy eating habits.
4. Though to be fair, weight loss and healthy eating habits are good for an extremely wide variety of diseases, and for disease prevention.
5. I have a few questions about the last article: does the glucose transport pathway have a similar efficiency to using insulin normally? Is it one or the other, or can they be used simultaneously?
6. I didn't see anything in the articles about immediately converting glucose to fat either. I wonder where those websites got that from?
7. It really is too bad if the organization websites give out false information because they literally exist to inform the public (and maybe raise money for research I guess).
8. I do think, though, that you may have been a little hard on Humon in your original post, especially if she had gotten false information from places like those organization websites.

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