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The wonderful world of PCOS 8 12, 12:50am

@fireflower201 PCOS support websites are not websites run by the scientific or medical community, but by PCOS sufferers and supporters.

Direct evidence from the scientific literature reveals that PCOS manifests nearly identically to Type 2 Diabetes, but the underlying cause is hormonal insulin resistance as opposed to genetic or acquired insulin resistance. The recommendation is to control blood sugars through low-carbohydrate diets, and exercise to reduce weight.

While the underlying cause is different, the manifestation is through insulin resistance:

This is literally the OPPOSITE of immediately converting glucose to fat. It's quite literally impossible for your body to do this when highly insulin resistant. The main way your body can respond to glucose without insulin is through your muscle's glucose transport pathways, which are independent of insulin:

People with PCOS gain weight primarily because they are inactive and eat too much. Their body does make it easier to gain weight under these circumstances since their cells aren't processing glucose normally, but only in situations where they are leading largely sedentary life styles. All it takes is 30-60m a day of moderate to vigorous exercise to start reversing insulin insensitivity, and eating a healthy low carb, calorie restricted diet.

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