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The wonderful world of PCOS 7 12, 5:30am

I'm in more or less the same situation (I don't take birth control) and it is SO FRUSTRATING explain to people that, yes, metformin is used to treat diabetes, but it is ALSO used to treat PCOS. Most times I get a blank face when they hear PCOS, to which I calmly and rationally (not at all) explain what it is. Funnily enough, I get more women who have no idea what it is than men, or simply I get more women not quite believing what I'm telling them. So I then graphically explain to them EXACTLY what PCOS entails, and watch their faces turn green with glee. I love you're comics about PCOS, and actually point people towards them because they are the most useful way of explaining this problem to people whose IQ's just simply haven't mastered the connection. Thank you, and I eagerly await more (or indeed, anything that you write. It's gold either way.)

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