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The wonderful world of PCOS 6 12, 11:20pm

It's really irresponsible of you to spread misinformation about PCOS, metformin, and medical science. You should really educate yourself more on your disorder as well.

PCOS does not cause your body to immediately put sugar into fat reserves (and chicken doesn't contain carbohydrates and is uneffected by metabolic disorders like PCOS). PCOS causes insulin resistance which does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you claim. Insulin resistant individuals have cells that do not properly respond to blood glucose, and cannot metabolize them. This glucose then builds up in the blood stream, it does not get stored as fat, or metabolized by the body. Eventually your serum glucose levels will go down due to the slow action of insulin in your body, or due to exceeding a threshold of about 200mg/dl causing your body to release sugars in your urine as an emergency way to bring blood glucose levels down.

People with PCOS will often experience periods of rapid unexplained weight loss as a result.

Metformin does not help your body regulate sugar or turn it into energy.

Metformin helps keep your blood glucose levels lower by impairing hepatic pathways of glucose production, primarily gluconeogenesis. See, when your cells cry out "Please give us glucose!" your pancreas responds by releasing insulin. When insulin levels are high but the cells still are calling for glucose, your liver says "Well shit, we don't have enough glucose!" and begins raising your blood glucose through gluconeogenesis where it turns fat into glucose.

In normal people gluconeogenesis helps them avoid hypoglycemia. In people with metabolic disorder (like PCOS) it causes your blood glucose to spike to unhealthy levels. Metformin inhibits gluconeogenesis, and tells your liver "Nah brah, we cool", preventing it from raising blood sugar in response to higher insulin levels.

Metformin thus actively prevents your body from turning fat into glucose, and gives your body time to try and bring down it's glucose levels.

The primary recommendation for people with PCOS is weight loss. The less fat you have the less your liver can spike your blood glucose, and the less insulin resistant you will be. You need to focus on losing weight and eating low carb to help regulate your blood glucose. Being overweight while having PCOS is very unhealthy and can lead to permanent complications, such as vision loss, neuropathy, and circulation problems.

In the short term it's causing damage to your pancreas which over time will further impair your body's glucose response pathways.

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