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The wonderful world of PCOS 5 12, 3:17pm

Yep. My mom and my sister had both PCOS and both suffered with facial hirsutism and painful periods. So, in my teens, after my first very painful periods, I was driven to my gynaecologist by my mom. She wanted to get me tested for PCOS. I got the diagnosis. Therefore, I was put on the pill. First thing my mom tells me getting out of the hospital: "Never EVER mention this to anyone, specially at school, or everyone is going to thing that you're easy. Think about your reputation. You don't want people to think that about you". Funny fact, in many women the pill causes a substantial drop in the libido. I was one of them. I was pretty sure I was straight, I was capable of lukewarm interest, but I didn't find men attractive enough... until I dropped the pill when that particular one was banned because of secondary effects. After fifteen years taking it non-stop. Suddenly, all the right urges where there. So... yes, I find so hilarious that people think "birth pill" = "sexually liberated woman", because I only began to be sexually active when I stopped taking it.

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