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Cat on the job 2 4, 7:53pm

Moe !!

Cats do work every day as being cats. They do not work as humans, dogs or horses, it is more complicated than that. They are sort of living sensors that go around us every day, watching, looking, listening and sniffing around to see, that everything is as it should be. If everything is well, the cat simply do nothing and is happy and content. So, in sense, that cat is working wery well in that picture.

A week ago my friends house was burgled. She was away for the weekend and her husband and cats were "alone" at home. Since her husband had been visiting friends and car was gone, thieves thought that the house was empty. They probably had been surveying the neighbourhood for weeks to see where would be a good place to strike.

My friends husband had just returned to home and were about to go to bed, when he heard that someone came in. Thieves, three men with knives, came in from the front door and there was a nasty suprise for all, since the house wasn´t empty. Thieves used their own keys, god knows how they got them...

Situation might have turned out quite nasty, but then the cat worked. There were kittens in the house and as kittens, they were running aroud and about. Then one of the men stepped on tail of one of the kittens and the mothercat, without any doubts or warning, leaped on that mans face and started to claw and scratch it. It was defending her home, kittens and apparently, also people.

Thief that was attaked by cat, started to scream and yell and god it must have hurted. (I hope that he is allergic to cats and he suffers twice as much.) This all caused a lot of general confusion and thieves decided not to take any risks with the human part of the household and they left in the hurry. My friends husband is not entirely helpless, what comes to self defence, but facing three armed men is not a situation that has any favours for you...

Next day they had new locks for the doors and mothercat was growling for workmen too, apparently to ensure that they were interested only about doors and locks. She was standing by my friends husband and was very protective about him too.

Cat had worked. :)

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