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Sneaky Cuttlefish

Sneaky Cuttlefish

The big male totally thinks he is watching some lesbian action.

I love the weird and wonderful mating rituals of animals, and plan to do more of these.

I'll illustrate them with these human looking figures because part of the fun is to imagine if humans did the same.

2nd April 2012

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1 year ago #9079078        

I saw these once! I wondered who's artwork this was (Even though it probably said it). What skill.

2 years ago #9041291        

It reminds me of Isabella Rossilini's Green Porn.


19 O
2 years ago #9028720        

Sneaky >u<

2 years ago #9009150        

i just love species where there are several types of males which includes a sneakier one that steals girls from the dumb brutes


2 years ago #9004463

2 years ago #8999977        

As a mostly-lesbian trans woman who frequently has threesomes with M/F couples... I really love this one. <3

2 years ago #8967963        

Certainly amusing. I think this is a tale worth reading! It has its own share of wisdom to teach, and while educational its also humorous. It makes a person stop and think. I believe that is a very good effect to have, and I am glad to have run across this.

2 years ago #8815667        

This is seriously awesome!

2 years ago #8805729        

:D I feel like there's a fanfiction story waiting somewhere around here...
C'mon, there's cat!character stores and otehr animal!character stories, so why not cuttlefish?

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