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Grouse Models

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Grouse Models

For those who don't know, grouses are birds.

The idea of two guys stricking poses while fighting was too good to ignore.

29th April 2012


19 O
1 year ago #9028758      

ohh... so that's what it was... I was wondering what it was :|

2 years ago #8967985      

Amusing, amusing. The thought of how some sports events happen makes me wonder if there's at least a little similarity of sorts there, attempts to 'beat the other team' while allowing both to 'look cool'.

Eh well, probably too distant like in my mind. Regardless, love the artwork and the amusing extra lesson.

2 years ago #8815650      

Male models, eh?...

3 years ago #8528109      

Cool! But it looks kinda weird the way they're sort of pulling each other's skin...

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