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Loki and Loki 1 3, 7:26am

@Lokasenna you mean when he challenges Thor, Loki, and that one guy whom's name i don't know how to type (ima just call him Theal ;-;), but raced Hugi about 3 times, losing all of them, and Thor trying to pick up a cat, and/or drink all the water out of a cup thing and/ or wrestle the old nurse maid Elly, and Loki, a food eating competition against Logi? Because actually, it turned out Hugi was was the embodiment of thought (always faster than actions), the cat was the world serpent, the cup was the ocean, and Elly was actually old age (since everyone gets weakened by age) And Logi, was wildfire it's/ himself, which was why he beat Loki (wildfire, being known to 'engulf everything in it's path') at least that's what Ted-Ed said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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