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Odd House 2 2, 12:05am

Well, that was disturbing. XD I'm not sure whether I like the idea of them being demons, vampires, or cannibals better. Cannibals sounds too meh, but that's possibly just me. With either option you get character building, and world-building (even if it's just their world and not the surrounding countryside), so it's all good. :) I agree that this would be great expanded into a larger story, if you've the time. Given how they act in their every day lives, they've got incredble self control. I'm sure that basement window wasn't left open on purpose at all.... ;)

Though you do have the wrong sew/sow in there; you want the first one - the second has to do with planting (you reap what you sow, etc.). English is incredibly annoying with sound-alike stuff; I blame the language's bullying*, slutty** nature. ;P

*"Enligh does not borrow from other languages. It comes up behind them, bangs them over the head, then goes through their pockets for loose grammar." (Pratchett?) (Example: "Oh, I like that word! What's the language? Arabic? Cool, I'm going to use it!" ->Word obtains use in American (or UK) modern popular culture, is used correctly/keeps the same meaning, but eventually (or immediately) no-one using it except Arabic speakers and linguists know its origin. Other languages (notably French and Japanese) do the same with English (ie, le weekend), but their native speakers are more likely to be able to tell where a word's origin comes from, if asked. Then again, they've also got departments that try to keep the language "pure.")
**English has taken words from many other languages to use as its own, kind of in a come-play-all-are-welcome attitude, tied in with the above as modern becomes decades/centuries past. Makes it even funnier when people are hollering to "speak English, you're in America" and the words they're using have Spanish, French and German origin (among other languages). English is kind of like language soup - what's your flavor? ;D
.... And now I want to see that last part in a SaTW comic. D'oh! XD

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