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Trolls from four countries 8 6, 5:06am

Most importantly Homestuck trolls; Also called Alternians they are aliens from another dimension. They do not eat humans, though they look similar;but with grey skin and horns their reproduction is more akin to insects. With two trolls (gender is erelavent.) giving their "genetic material" to a mother grub who lays thousands of eggs depending on the strength of genes in the "incestus Slurry". Because of this they never know their parents. They are instead raised by monsters known as Lusus! (Btw Troll babies are essentially Grubs called wrigglers.) and that's not even talking about blood color hierarchy, confusing romance, the fact that they leave their home world to the kids while the adults go to conquer, or the lusus themselves. Also sunlight will blind them permanently! Hey in any culture Trolls sure are weird! :)

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