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Jotunn 1 6, 3:52am

An interesting archaeological fact to go with that is that scientists generally find it more difficult to assign a gender to Norse skeletons than, say, British or Roman ones, and have to primarily go through grave goods unless they can sample some DNA (which is why that one large graveyard in Britain they re-examined in 2016 that was filled with, according to the weapons, Norse warriors, came as a surprise when almost half of the skeletons they managed to assign a gender to were actually female). And the reason for that is that the Viking Age Norse men, as opposed to the general facial structure today, had finer, more delicate features than we would nowadays expect, and the women larger, more robust features.

And that makes the facial structures of the men and women far more similar than we are used to seeing these days; the men *did* look more "feminine" and the women more "masculine" to our modern eyes.

So this works on a practical, scientific (so far as using science to depict jotunns goes) level, as well as a metaphorical one.

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