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Trolls from four countries 8 5, 3:24am

The Internet Troll: A person (on the internet) who tries (and some times succeeds) to anger you and/ or other people. There size and size of groups they live in vary. They are known to actually dislike the sun, though it mainly just hurts their eyes for a bit. They are also related to, or these days even a mix of, The Hate Comenter, (they are just Trying to act tough, by saying things like: UR UGLY LOL THIS VIDEO IS STUPID but they are often just on YouTube. they are also related to The obvious Lier, which is just a kid who just wants attention and to act kinda tough or what ever. as their name suggests, they pretty much just say shit like: i'm 18, i could beat you up, im depressed im a hacker, and it's SO OBVIOUS that they're lying) . If you encounter any one of them, just ignore it, (or at least try your best to) and it will soon stop pestering you. They will NEVER eat some one, and are actually quite harmless. Annoying, but harmless.

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