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Holiday Food 20 12, 8:51pm

You said it! I always get excited about Hanukah, even though I'm a heathen who celebrates Yule (and from a sort-of Christian family who celebrates Christmas). Why? LATKES. I adore latkes. I can make them myself any time of year, but they are pretty labor intensive, so I prefer to buy them pre-made. Being heathen, I typically eat them with bacon..... I also get happy around Passover because then I know that rugelach will soon be on steep sale.

I do not get offended when people wish me a Merry Christmas, even though I celebrate Yule. Sometimes I wish them a joyous Yule (which since most people equate that word with Christmas it doesn't raise any eyebrows anyway). Sometimes I wish them a Merry Christmas. Sometimes Happy Holidays. It's the intent behind the greeting that I love.

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