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New Doctor 1 3, 5:25am

I am in the same boat as you, Humon. Although I have a mild case of PCOS with some hormonal imbalances, I weigh between 250-260 lbs, my vital signs are lower than the average person with a baseline weight of 150lbs. I like eating and I walk around town, only using the bus when I shouldn't push my limits.

My parents were much like the doctor in mentioning "You would look nicer in a smaller body with matching clothes" and this is at a point where I didn't know whether to smack them with lips or my throwing hand from my days at the Phoenix Academy in the industrial park in town I lived in 10 years ago.

Sometimes doctors can be douchebags, jerks, bastards, you name it, they won't care about you if you're a constant customer.

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